5 reasons why you should start sewing

Maybe you have been thinking that sewing is not for you, because it is rea unbearably difficult and only “crafty” people are meant to do it. Or you just have this bias when you hear the word “sewing” instantly to your head pops up an image of an old lady with cats that has all of the time in the world. But that is not exactly the case before you start having any doubts and preconceptions about this hobby I want to share my point of view and why you should just drop everything and spent your last salary on a sewing machine. Let’s not go to extremes, but you understand my point.

Let me explain.  What is the actual hype around sewing and why it is so cool.

I will start of with saying that: you can recreate every piece of clothing that you have at home. From your favorite fitted t-shirt to that beautiful black dress that you wear only on special occasions. Maybe it is better to start with basic patterns, as I do. For example, this blouse I made, I traced it from a simple old shirt. But with a laced fabric everything can look feminine and as if you spent tons of hours on it.

Usually (almost every basic model) can be done without a pattern so you don’t need to worry. Just place it on a piece of tracing paper, measure it and cut it. I am not the one to teach because I am still complete beginner also. A first, it can be annoying not to get it from the first time but YouTube is always there for us and every learning journey that we undertake.

Secondly, you will never ever pay for repairs or throw away your thorn pieces of clothing. You can stitch it from the comfort of your own home. How cool is that! Sewing is a money saver and its good for your budget. In the first place, you need to invest mainly in equipment. But as someone that is just starting you can buy it second hand. Plus it will last for generations! My machine was a gift from my aunt that her father bought it for her so it is quite an old vintage gadget, but hey it is working! As I am still a newbie, hopefully, the plan one day is to be good enough to buy a professional one.

Another different perspective is that sewing can develop skills within you that are really important for the workforce. Like, come on every employer wants to employ a person who is highly creative, motivated, dresses in the most unique style ever and can pick everything from zero. This my ladies and gentlemen, is called project management. Plus, speaking from my experience I started to be more patient– at first, I wanted to drop everything and sell the machine on eBay every time I didn’t get a stitch right.

*casually slips in another picture from my lastest project*

Apart from all of the selfish reasons, let us look it from another point of view. You will be that one person, that is making a huge effort to make gifts by themselves. Believe me or not you will love sewing so much that you will start making excuses to give to your loved ones yet another thing that you made for them. It is an amazing way to make someone happy handmade present from you.

Also, sewing can be used as a therapy. Because when you get used to it you will find it calming to lose yourself in the process. With our high paced lives, it is a good excuse to stop and focus on something rewarding that is centred around pleasing your inner creative voice.

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And thank you for reading my blog! xx

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