Lingerie as Outerwear: How I style It

Wearing underwear as a top? What? Isn’t it supposed to be only for the bedroom?
Well, I think the answer depends on how you are styling it. Let’s face it, there is a fine line between giving the impression as if you walked out of a fashion magazine and looking cheap. Showing a bit of skin is both sexy and feminine but overdoing it can result in the exact opposite. That’s why keeping it simple is a way to go.

Lace, just by itself it is a very pretty material because it can add up well to that “extra” vibe of the outfit. The bodice that I am wearing is by Victoria Secret, I have for almost a year for now and it was a gift from my boyfriend. For that period I kept it only for special occasions and most of the time it was in my wardrobe. Anyway, the past few months I started to make use of everything that I have in hand. It is a waste not to maximize the clothing that we have, right? That’s why I made a couple of adjustments to it so it can fit as outerwear. You can customize a piece like that by simply adding a pin to make the v-neck less deep and adding a bandeau top so it is not see through on the boob area. We got to keep them tight! I reckon that showing less is more. If I wear it by itself I always style it with something on top either a coat, leather jacket with fitted dark denim jeans or a long cardigan.

I used the same piece for those two looks but with a slightly different concept. I utilized the simplest garments that almost every woman has in her wardrobe. The black dress and off shoulder shirt. See! With only one thing you can build up a lot on the wardrobe that you currently own. Just think of how many potential new outfits you can have.
So what are you waiting for? Start creating!

To boost it up, even more, add a nice bag to match and splash a bit of color on your nails.

You know, as they say:

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