Unpopular opinion: Clothes

One word. Investment.

(Actually, let’s make it sound a little bit more complete and not as dull by adding a bit of fun to this blog post opening …)

Investment…and Style?

Six months have passed since I came to Manchester for my business degree studies and I have started to notice small changes in my mindset when talking about how I behave as a customer. To be honest I started to realize how positively obsessed I am with the things that I am learning from university that it even pass on to my blog. So prepare for a little bit of economics (but not too much I promise), styling recommendations, a couple of interesting facts and the worst jokes in the entire world.

*After opening the math exam paper, you know you are fucked so you start planning your resits in August* kinda face

Clothes, in general, can be classified as a personal asset. And assets depreciate in time, unfortunately. The useful life of each piece is gradually declining after every day. So I was curious with how much exactly? I found this document which can serve as a simple guide. There are exact percentages for the different types of apparel and equipment (https://goo.gl/4yMQ3c). But if you are like me and you don’t like account calculations, I got you: https://goo.gl/Dntgf9 . Why I find this useful is because you can see how much are they actually worth and helps to plan your expenses.

By investing in the quality of each clothing, you are making time work for you. Because when a piece ages it will appreciate more in the future and the authenticity of the material can be priced higher compared to other apparel investments in the long run. For example, this red coat is a true statement because the quality is amazing even if it has been passed on in my family for generations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a lot for the company that manufactured it. I only know that it was made in Argentina with real shearling and apparently they stopped their production.

One of the things that I like to do is to match the same tone or nude colors with something more brighter to contrast. It is easy to style and you can’t mistake it.
Another suggestion is to match some of the outfit details with others. in this costume I do it with flowers on the trousers and flower earrings. Oh, and gold on the belt+on the zip of the shoes. You can take a closer look in the next picture.

So next time you are planning on buying some cheap new clothes ask yourself if it will be worth it in the long term? What if you save some money and you buy something better? I will leave you with these “food for thought” type of questions until the next blog post. xx

Coat: Elegancia
Top and trousers: Thrifted (brand: unknown)
Belt: Thrifted (brand: unknown)
Shoes: MatStar (Bulgarian shoe brand)
Jewelry: Bought them from a small shop back in Bulgaria
Photos: Marianna Graziuso

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