Velvet Dreams

Hi, y’ all! It’s been a while since have I posted but here I am again. There are still a couple of exams left for me and I have lots of things to do for uni but I decided that I miss my blog way too much…so if I fail an exam I will have a fair excuse. In order to defend myself why I havent posted the past month, I would say that it was quite eventful and busy, however, I am more than grateful that I could experience all of the things that happened! My free time I would say was more involved in the events world rather than fashion projects. I had the chance to pursue a childhood dream of mine which I thought it would never happen but there I was hosting my first jewelry making workshop, which was attended by around 10 people and it lasted for around 4 hours.  But it’s a bit funny because even my friends didn’t know I was this passionate about jewelry because I have never ever posted ANYTHING about it and the things I have been making because I don’t feel as confident as I am in sewing or clothes related things. But there I was organizing a workshop about it, stepping out of my comfort zone completely,  oh well I would say # just Kristina things. Yet another beautiful thing that happened was the Spring Ball which was organized by a couple of hard-working university students targeted for the residents in halls.  I think it was our biggest event of the year and we had around 250 people attending it. Actually, the pictures from this blog post are from that night. Well, that’s too much rambling and excuses for today and not enough business! So let’s dive in deep into this current thrifted look book…

This dress was a very last minute makeover. At first, I wasn’t convinced at all that I can do anything with this dress because I don’t have my sewing machine in Manchester and I was time constrained and I couldn’t think of how I can change the model so I started to search for something else that fits me and it doesn’t need any changes at all. But I showed the dress to one of my friends and he showed a bit of moral support which changed my mantra towards it 100 percent. So if you are reading this post I owe you a big thank you!

Changing the model wasn’t as hard for me but when I don’t have a sewing machine around me I felt a bit powerless because I needed to go back to basics and mend it by hand. Which you know isn’t the worst thing considering that people did it every time back in those days but now it shows me how dependent we are on everything that is connected to electricity. For before pictures scroll at the end of the post.

There was a quite long zipper on the back and I just turned it around, sewed it on the inside and put on a small belt to secure the waist. I think that in this ↑ picture the zipper is visible enough so you can understand what is my idea. The V neck was quite heavy to stay in place how I wanted it to so the good old fashion tape helped to secure it. The belt is second hand and did the perfect job of holding everything in place. And also it matched the jewelry which was gold coated, so it is a triple win- sustainable, cool and matching! By shopping in second-hand shops you not only save money but you positively affect the environment because you don’t buy new but you use something until you no longer can.

Probably next time when I try to explain something I need to include more pictures because probably none of you understood what actually I was talking about. But I promise that making better visual content will be easier for me because I am saving up for a camera. But for now, we need to work with what we have and I hope my written explanations are enough to help your creative juices flowing. Talking about pictures this photoshoot is by the talented photographer  which you need to definitely follow on social media and give him the love he deserves.

To conclude, this project was more of a moral lesson than a creative one because you never know where inspiration might come from and what big impact words always might have on a person. A single ‘I believe in you’ or ‘I support you’ can positively affect the mood of a close friend and boost up their day to the fullest. So be careful not only in how you chose your clothes, but how you chose your words as well.

Dress: No brand/ Thrifted

Shoes: New Look/ Thrifted from Oxfam

Bag: Vintage Prada/ Used to be my grandmothers

Belt: No brand/ Thrifted

Jewelry: SIX/ Gift

By changing your shopping habits you are capable of changing the world trust me!

The before pictures of the dress.

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